About Film Artists Association of North America (FAANA)

Welcome to FAANA – a beacon of cultural exchange and artistic brilliance in the realm of North American film and television. Our mission: to elevate industry standards, foster ethical norms, and curate a thriving network of opportunities for diverse talents and investment in this dynamic sector. Through our network and platform, FAANA strives to unlock unparalleled creative potential, unveiling hidden talents that enrich and invigorate the industry. Together, we sculpt a future where imagination transcends boundaries, igniting the magic of storytelling in every endeavour.

欢迎来到FAANA,一盏为北美影视领域的文化交流和艺术才华照亮前程的指路明灯。我们的使命:提高影视行业标准,培育道德规范,并在这一充满活力的行业里,为多样化的人才与投资创造蓬勃发展的机会。通过我们的人际网络与协会平台,FAANA 致力于释放无与伦比的创意潜能,同时发掘潜藏的人才,从而为影视行业注入丰富的有生力量。放飞超越极限的想象,点燃每次努力中的叙事魅力,请与我们携手共筑影视的明天。

About FAANA Short Film Festival (FSFF)

The inaugural FAANA Short Film Festival (FSFF) is a celebration of artistic energy and boundless creativity. Our mission is to foster cultural exchange through curated short film screenings, establishing a vibrant platform that thrives on collaboration and innovation.

United by a shared passion for the cinematic arts, we create an enriching space for exploration and connection. At FSFF, filmmakers, accomplished individuals from diverse backgrounds, film enthusiasts, and audiences from all walks of life converge, connect, and engage in meaningful conversations. Supported by the Film Artists Association of North America (FAANA), the vision of the festival is to spotlight the finest short films from China to the Chinese diaspora and beyond, while unearthing invaluable contributions that a century-old North American film industry offers to the art and business of filmmaking.

Forge connections, kindle collaborations, and nurture new voices and perspectives at FSFF, as we breathe life into the North American filmmaking landscape. Immerse yourself in the magic of storytelling and experience cinematic excellence at its finest.


首届FAANA 短片电影节(FSFF)的设立,旨在庆祝蓬勃的艺术活力与无尽的创意想象通过精心策划的短片放映,本届电影节将在促进文化交流的同时,建立一个支持、鼓励合作与创新的平台。

怀着对影视艺术的热爱,我们以此为纽带,打造了一处丰富的探索与交流空间。在FAANA 短片电影节上,来自世界各地的影视从业人员、社会成功人士、影视爱好者和广大观众齐聚一堂,相互交流、探讨并进行深度对话。借助FAANA 北美影视艺术家协会,电影节会把更多生动的华人经历、情感、人文、科技、社会现象、情怀、大爱……分享给海外华人华侨及更广泛的受众,并使文化得以在北美百年传统影视的承载下延续传承。


Festival’s co-organizers

Leveraging AI as its technological driving force, the AME Project is established to conduct digital assessments of film and television talents as well as projects. It currently stands as the largest database of film and television talents in China. Through an AI-human collaborative system, the platform provides nearly a million young film and television creators with a one-stop solution for their employment, investment, project production and other needs. The AME Project is the provider of the Mainland Chinese films for the FAANA Film Festival and is also one of the festival’s co-organizers.


首届FAANA 短片电影节(FSFF)的设立,旨在庆祝蓬勃的艺术活力与无尽的创意想象通过精心策划的短片放映,本届电影节将在促进文化交流的同时,建立一个支持、鼓励合作与创新的平台。


FSFF Film Circle Screening: Invitation Only
FSFF “电影圈” 展影:限邀请参与

Dates: August 30 & 31, 2023

Time: 11am – 2pm

Venue: VIFF Theatre

Film Circle Screening, an exclusive gathering meticulously curated for our distinguished guests within Greater Vancouver’s Chinese Community. The event promises an afternoon of cultural exploration and artistic excellence matching your appreciation of the cinematic arts. It’s an appreciation that parallels the remarkable achievements and entrepreneurial spirit you have left on North America’s business and social landscape. In fact, your diverse experiences may find an outlet in film, bringing new opportunities to you while elevating it as both a thriving business and an enduring cultural legacy.

Throughout the curated screenings, you will be taken on a journey. These thought-provoking short films mirror the harmonious integration of cultures, bridging the East and the West with seamless artistry. Post-screening, enjoy an intimate and inspiring salon-styled discussion with local experts fostering deeper connections and social engagement within our Film Circle community. Here, culture, tradition, and industry come together to uncover opportunities amid the vibrancy of North America’s flourishing film industry. We eagerly await your attendance at the highly-anticipated Film Circle Screening and session.


日期:2023830, 31

时间:上11:00 2:00





FSFF Public Screening

Dates: August 30 & 31, 2023

Time: 2:30pm – 4pm

Venue: VIFF Theatre

Embark on a mesmerizing journey into the realm of cultural and artistic impacts at FSFF public screening. Short films, because of their brevity, wield immense power in narrating stories that encompass a myriad of themes. From reality to fantasy, from culture to adventure, get prepared to be intrigued, moved and inspired as we delve into the captivating world of short films, where each frame unfolds a universe of emotions and ideas, igniting your imagination and contemplation. Join us for an unforgettable cinematic adventure at the FSFF public screening – a celebration of storytelling’s boundless magic.


日期:2023830, 31

时间:下2:30 4:00


敬请于FAANA 短片电影节(FSFF上一段令神往的文化艺术之旅借着短的时间和精的叙事,短片电影在讲述涵盖众多主事时,往往蕴含大的能量。请 与我们一同深入人的短片世界,领 一世界 的震撼:从柴米油盐到天方夜谭风土人情到跋涉冒险定让您感动,的无尽想象与思考。敬请入我们参与FAANA 短片电影节公开展影,我们共庆叙事的无限力,享受这场令难忘的影之旅